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Biodegradable Packaging Materials

This one word is currently at the top of all what is required in packaging material. Biodegradable packaging materials can only play a role in positive sustainability of our planet. The word biodegradable is different from Eco-friendly , recyclable and reusable. 

It’s not fully positive to say Eco-friendly packaging material is biodegradable packaging option , Reusable or recyclable packaging materials are biodegradable. But surely a Biodegradable packaging material is eco-friendly and recyclable and reusable. Now, how do we define a biodegradable food packaging material. These are the materials which are decomposed rapidly by microorganisms or by the action of sunlight , air and water. And when we say Biodegradable materials, these are those made with biodegradable materials. Some common biodegradable materials we see in our day to day life are paper , plant pulp , Non plastic fabrics , Metals and alloys. Plastics mixed in any form with biodegradable materials makes it a non biodegradable substance and packaging made from such a material is a non Biodegradable packaging material (For ex. Poly Coated papers). 

Now at restokart we promote biodegradable food packaging products and try to provide the best variety in hygienic and clean options. Plant pulp based packaging products , Paper based packaging products and metal based packaging products are the primary biodegradable food packaging material sources. You can check our website www.restokart.com for biodegradable packaging materials. When it comes to paper , easy customisation in terms of printing and size is possible.

We at restokart work for our customer satisfaction and hence we ensure that you get delivery of your products as soon as possible, and for that we provide same day shipping for your orders(T&C*) . So request for your free samples of these perfect choice of Biodegradable packaging materials Disposable and ensure free of mess deliveries at your doorstep by calling us at +9599006315,9599006312 or email us at [email protected], We would be happy to serve you.