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The very popular variety of take away Containers that we offer you are Aluminium foil takeaway containers often called as silver containers .We at Restokart provide Disposable Aluminium Foil and Containers which is a good choice for your restaurant and for our environment as the aluminium foil container can decompose without creating a waste problem.These silver containers have been the staple packaging of take away food packaging because they have good heat retention properties and can also be used in the oven (make sure its not used in microwave oven) to keep food warm.A lot of cake makers use these Aluminium Containers for baking purpose. As they are not leak proof, the aluminium foil containers are simple to be kept inside a take away bag and spillage is very less stated that they are not left upside or in any other undesirable position.

Aluminium Foil Containers is used for variety of reasons as it prevents the food items to get spoiled  by light and air and preserves its quality and reduces plastic hazards.It can be designed and recycled as per customer’s  choice on bulk orders. Aluminium Foil Containers or silver containers come with paper lids which are  easy to attach to the container and seal in a busy kitchen. Foil container are not convenient to stack in the take away carry bags easily keeping the food safe and spill proof for a longer duration thereby increasing the reach of your food products.

Aluminium Food packaging has many advantages over other forms of packaging.Here are some of them

1).Conductivity of heat(Aluminium Improves cooking of food in the oven by distributing heat homogeneously.)

2).Hygiene and safety(Aluminium containers are sterile and and safe in case of food items having direct contact with the containers while delivering food products.

3).Eco friendly and is sustainable(As these foil containers are fully recyclable and does not cause a waste problem.)

4.)Versatile usage(Aluminium Foil Containers can be used in both domestic and industrial sector.)

5.)Aluminium foil containers come in different shapes and designs be it round , square or any other shape related to use and thus can perform various function.

So if you want to increase reach of your food items and your restaurant chain, Then sit back and relax Give Restokart a chance to serve you!!.  Ask for free(T&C*) samples of Aluminium Foil Containers today and get it for free at your doorstep. Give us a call at +91- 9599006312,9599006315.