Biodegradable Pulp Products

Well! As a aware customer, while using disposable food packaging material, we often think if it is a healthy or sustainable or reusable choice and does not harm our environment. What if the disposable packaging material was organic or made of biodegradable materials? Well Restokart is here at your service to answer all your question and solve all the problems related to biodegradable food packaging and supply them. We provide, Biodegradable Pulp Paper packaging at reasonable prices which is biodegradable and made up of compostable sugercane, and other organic pulp materials. These biodegradable food packaging materials or Biodegradable plates are perfect for  both hot and cold foods, dry or liquid form of food items and is a great solution for quick-serve restaurant chains, sandwich shops,food trucks,confectionery shops,bakery shops etc. these biodegradable plates and serving dishes are perfect solution for side dishes and desserts!!. These biodegradable plates are with wide edges which makes it possible to serve liquid food without worrying about spilling and messes all around. Also using this biodegradable food packing product is that it matches any restaurant theme and décor and create clean and fresh environment for the food item due to its white bright colour. This biodegradable pulp paper plates/material use less storage space than other disposable packaging material, and it can hold heavier foods than either paper or any other similar products. Also, as it has the tendency to use less energy  which ultimately saves on both energy and our natural resources which supports the overall sustainable development of the economy. This biodegradable food material of ours help in reducing carbon footprint as it is biodegradable and compostable because it is made of leftovers of sugarcane processing. It does add to the air pollution in the environment as it does not have to burnt after use but can be recycled and renewed making it cost effective too. These biodegradable pulp materials are made with considerable strength and does not break easily with moderate pressure. Pulp material is oil proof design make it spill proof and makes food item mess free. This item can safely be used in the microwave for food service uses.

Well, whatever is your choice, do make it count and considered. Absolutely Great serving biodegradable pulp plates, best quality materials are available with Restokart at very reasonable prices. We suggest you to go for best of both eco-friendly and captivating!. So for free samples at your doorstep we are just a call away(T&C*) .Contact us at +9599006315,9599006312 or email us at [email protected], We would be happy to serve you.