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Paper Food Packaging

In recent years, a significant change has been seen in the field of food packaging and people around the globe are focusing more on eco friendly packaging materials due to environmental degradation.

We at Restokart ,with the same positive outlook provide our customers with the excellent quality paper food packaging solutions at affordable prices along with lightning fast doorstep delivery options. Paper is a flexible and a versatile material used to package food items.Hence,Restokart offers variety of paper products which can be taken in use for variety of purposes and its recyclable property is just cherry on top. We have plenty of paper packaging products to choose from in your daily restaurant food supplies like Burger boxes ,Noodle boxes,Dosa boxes,Sandwich boxes ,Meal boxes and what not! .These paper packaging products comes in various size,shapes and colour to provide our customer with more variety as per their choice.Not only restaurant chains but also grocery stores can make use of creative packaging using paper products and make it’s contribution to sustainable development and adopt environmental friendly practices.Paper based packaging also makes it easy for our customers to customise and print their brand content effortlessly with better graphics and help endorsing their brand effectively and efficiently.Who thought India’s most favourite beverage “Tea” can be packed and sold in paper or cardboard containers without affecting its quality and essence and Resokart is one such place where you can get yours at just a click.Wait! It does not end here. We also serve you after your orders has been delivered and provide excellent after sale services in case you have any doubts regarding products received and will solve your problem until satisfied.

So make your takeaway beautiful and eco friendly with our Paper food packaging, Although paper food packaging are poly-coated in case of use with liquids which is a little problem in its recyclability and degradability, still it has a very less carbon imprints on our environment as compared to plastics.

So make choice of your product wisely and give Restokart a chance to serve you and experience the best services. For best quality paper container at reasonable prices give us a call at  at +9599006315,9599006312 or email us at, Happy to serve you!