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Want to buy Glass Jars And Bottles? Then you are at the right place. We are sellers for a wide range of glass bottles and glass jars located in gurgaon, India. Use these glass jars for packaging of your food , weather you want to pack dry items , semi liquid or liquid items these glass jars are the best option. These glass jars with lids are very airtight with very good barrier properties.

So When you think of selling a longer shelf life food these glass jars with lids will serve your purpose well. Apart from good barrier properties possessed by glass material, these glass products give a very fine aesthetics compared to other materials. These Glass Jars are highly transparent and are very brittle in nature. The one disadvantage of these glass items is that the brittle nature and heavy weight of these glass jars make then difficult to transport. Glass jars are available in various sizes and shapes, giving you the option of packing different products. For more details, Please visit our page
The lids for these glass jars are available in various colours for attraction. Buy Glass Jars from restokart for a fast and reliable delivery and with the best prices and hassle free return on broken pieces.
We also deal in glass bottles for your beverage packing, different shapes , sizes, lids , and lids diametre are available. Glass Bottles for milkshakes are inn these days for a better look and eco friendly approach. So save the environment by using glass bottles for serving drinks with our range of paper straws and help eliminating plastics on your end. The glass bottles for serving bevereges is again getting its place as a high end packaging and serving material. These bottles can be custom made for bulk quantities.
You can get your logo or a design printed on the glass bottles and the glass jars with the minimum quantities with us, a develepment charge is always involved. However printing on glass does not allow us to run complicated overlapped artworks.
So want glass bottles and glass jars for packaging call us or whatsapp on +91-9599006312,9599006315 for best prices and get them delivered to you in a minimum time.