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 Customized Pizza Boxes

Hola People !! Restokart is back again with its Food Packaging Material to add another brick in its wall. Customized Pizza Boxes for all the restaurant chains delivering pizzas (pizzerias) to all the pizzas lovers out in the market. Bumping your brand name and its colours on pizza boxes (Customisation on pizza boxes) will be your perfect companion in case you are looking for a marketing option and creating brand awareness. Restokart offers you such customisation in Pizza Boxes with ease and reasonable prices and ensure our customer satisfaction in best possible way.These Pizza boxes are made from corrugated paperboard which makes it perfect product for delivering and serving hot pizzas at doorsteps. Pizza boxes by Restokart are food graded and stiff which makes it durable and spill proof and hence keeps pizza hot and fresh for a longer duration. Also the boxes are made of recyclable material which makes it environmental friendly and is biodegradable. The paper material used in these boxes have tendency to absorb steam which prevent the food/pizza items from getting soggy and degraded. The material used in the pizza boxes are designed in such a way that it does let the cardboard smell to get into the food item which add to pros of using these pizza boxes. Restokart have these pizza boxes available in different sizes for different types of pizzas be it large ,medium or small and have customisation available to all of them. Pizza boxes are easy to stack in delivery bags and keeps its fresh till it is delivered at the doorstep. These pizza boxes are lightweight and durable too.It is made from corrugated foldable paperboard and can hence can retain high temperature and can allow pizza to trap maximum heat.

Summarizing the features of Pizza boxes:

1)These pizza boxes are available in standard sizes.

2)Display options in order to meet your demand of exact shapes and sizes

3)Customisation available in high quality for pizza box to promote your brand name in best possible way.

4)Pre cut holes in the front of pizza boxes for hassle free handling of the product.

5) Also holes for ventilation to prevent pizza from getting soggy.



 We at restokart are dedicated to provide best in terms of services and products. So feel free to call us for best food packaging solutions. We are based in gurgaon, give us a visit for more elaborated solutions. Mail us [email protected] or call at +91-9599006315, 9599006312.