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Paper Noodle Boxes

Restokart is now introducing a new addition to its stock materials for the customers, all new range of plain White Noodle Boxes, Brown Noodle Boxes in different sizes, and our speciality Customised paper noodle Boxes to glorify your restaurant name and give it a healthy growth. These paper Noodle boxes are perfect for a wide variety of hot food. A perfect product for noodles, rice and much more and as it comes with foldable flaps on the top its does not require separate lid which also makes it cost effective and easy to carry. One of advantages of these boxes is that it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable as it is  made from paper and cardboard material which is full recyclable. The solid built and single sheet formation of this product makes it fully leak resistant at the bottom which ensures the safety of food and keeps it fresh and spill proof for a longer duration. Paper noodle boxes are ideal product for takeaway purposes and are very easy to stack in take away bags which increases the reach of your food items.Our White noodle boxes are left blank and plain for your own branding and Restokart will be at your service for a perfect customization to it at a very reasonable prices. Also our paper noodle boxes are microwaveable(as the paper can be microwaved) which add to its feature and advantages.As these paper noodle boxes are formed out of a single paper sheet , they can be opened up and used as a plate. They are available in various size and customer can choose from our wide variety. These paper noodle boxes are great for serving takeaway noodles and similar food items. Restokart’s take-out and packaging noodle boxes are manufactured from food grade paper and are totally hygienic. These paper noodle boxes can be a great way to attract your customers and present a better way to take-out packaging . Also have top flaps to decrease top sagging when full and stacked. As a fully recyclable product, Restokart gives a second life to our mother nature as these cardboard noodle boxes are made from recyclable paper and hence promotes sustainable growth.

So make choice of your product wisely and make it even wise by giving Restokart a chance to serve you and experience the best services. For best quality Biodegradable noodle boxes at reasonable prices give us a call at  at +9599006315,9599006312 or email us at, We would be happy to serve you.