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Rectangular Airtight Containers


Restokart is offering all new range and excellent combo of Disposable/reusable Air tight container rectangular containers with a clear, tight-fitting lid for best food item visibility and making it fresh and spill proof for a longer duration. These Airtight Rectangular Containers are ideal for housing salads, pastas,Indian food and any other similar kind of food items due to its substantial capacity.  Its flat top and bottom makes it easy to stack them in take away bags and hence protect the food from the factors affecting the food it is containing. These rectangular airtight containers are perfect if you own a food truck, convenience store, or restaurant chain or any other home delivery based chain. Rectangular disposable containers are made of durable, heavy weight plastic that’s strong enough to handle sturdy foods items without getting affected, but is still light which makes its transportation easier.It is easy to reuse or dispose these Disposable air tight containers as both the lid and the base container are recyclable and easy to clean. These rectangular disposable containers can also be kept in freezers making it freezer-friendly for easy storage of food item purposes and provides customers with an advantage to save food for later use. These Rectangular airtight containers can be used in the microwave, allowing its users to quickly reheat food item in the same vessel it was being served in. We offer these Disposable Containers in various sizes to accommodate single portions to family sizes.Also,these containers are a part of eco-friendly packaging because they can be recycled, reused, and use comparatively less plastic and are  Microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.These Disposable rectangular Containers are made with only approved materials making is convenient for any type of food items and also are:


  •   Airtight and leak resistant which makes these rectangular containers perfect for all kind of solid and liquid foods.
  •   Its Flat-top lid and overcap allows containers to be stacked and saving of space, and tipping while delivery
  •   Light-weight design, yet are durable and versatile.


We at restokart work for our customer satisfaction and hence we ensure that you get delivery of your products as soon as possible, and for that we provide same day shipping for a your orders(T&C*) . So request for your free samples of this perfect choice of Rectangular Disposable Airtight Container and lid to package your best serving items and ensure free of mess deliveries at your doorstep by calling us at +9599006315,9599006312 or email us at, We would be happy to serve you.