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Get your range of Disposable Wooden Spoons and cutlery added to your Eco friendly packaging. Buy the best quality with low and competitive prices. You can see the range and sizes of wooden spoons and disposable wooden forks in our web catalogue. In Wooden products we have wooden spoons , wooden forks , wooden stirrers , wooden knifes , satay sticks, wooden chopsticks , wooden skewers , and toothpicks.

Its Not just a Blog to enhance our product sales , this product category goes deeper in saving our environment by replacing plastic products. The problem with oceans is not just plastic bottles and polybags , a large amount of ocean waste is plastic cutlery also. Help save the planet by buying these wooden spoon and other wooden items to ensure less manufacturing of plastic cutlery and reducing plastic waste.

After some initiatives of awareness by governments , there is an oppose to the use of plastic cutlery and a rising trend in biodegradable and eco friendly substitutes of cutlery which led to the industry of wooden cutlery. Its our lost heritage of using wooden cutlery and other items for eating our food , and now we are back with our disposable wooden spoon range for easy eating. These wooden spoons and forks have a good strength to hold heavy food items without breaking or bending. These wooden cutlery and items are generally Birch wood made with responsible rources, as these wood are hard the wooden spoons and other disposable wooden items are with smooth edges. Different sizes are available in all the products for convinient use according to your need. Buy wooden spoons and wooden forks for your picnic outing, takeaway packing,you can also order these as a set of wooden spoon,fork,knife,tissue etc with your branded or plain pouch. 


So if you want to buy disposable wooden cutlery, Then sit back and Give Restokart a chance to serve you with the best wooden disposable item Options!!.  Ask for free(T&C*) samples today and get it at your doorstep. Give us a call or whatsApp at +91- 9599006312,9599006315.